Focus on sustainability

Since day one, our purpose has been to supply our customers with ventilation units and heat pumps that not only contribute towards a healthy indoor climate and reduced heating costs due to heat recovery, but that are also sustainable and environmentally friendly.  This has remained our focus because we believe that everybody has a responsibility regarding the future of our planet.

Energy optimisation is not just a choice, but a necessity in our view and therefore also in our units.  This will benefit both you and the environment.  We believe that there is always room for improvement with regards to securing the existence of future generations.  It requires, amongst other things, that we act now and do not leave it until it is too late.  The way forward is a proactive approach and a long-term strategy.   In addition, it is necessary that we switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy such as solar and geothermal heating. 

Reducing energy consumption is central to everything Nilan does

Nilan’s ventilation units and heat pumps are, by definition, energy efficient.  We do not find that sufficient, though.  We work continuously on improving the efficiency of our solutions and reducing energy consumption.  When developing our units, we are therefore not only considering our customers’ current needs, but also their future needs.

Nilan has always had excellent internal knowledge and a visionary development team with constant focus on optimisation and how to use technology most advantageously. 

Not only our products are environmentally friendly.  We also incorporate energy saving measures in our production, for instance through continued efforts to minimise waste and optimise processes.   

Active participation in the environment debate

Nilan often participates in projects that focus on energy efficient building construction and especially Passive Houses.  It is of genuine importance to us at Nilan that we help influence the development in this area both politically and technologically.  We therefore readily get involved in the environment debate, for instance through membership in relevant organisations concerned with energy efficiency. We have an opinion and we are willing to enter into dialogue; not to be proven right, but to achieve actual results.