Time for a filter change?

Remember to check your filter to ensure a good indoor climate when we move indoors again.

If it is time to change the filter in your system, you can order a new filter from your filter supplier or from your Nilan Service Partner - whether you want to change it yourself or have assistance for this.

Save money on heating

No matter what your needs are for ventilation and heating, a unit that recovers energy is an efficient and financially sound choice.

Energy recovery can be used both to heat your home and your domestic hot water. 


Avoid humidity issues with Nilan Service Center

- A strong tool for the housing administrator or the head of maintenance

During these times with increased energy prices, more housing associations are experiencing how their tenants are lowering the indoor temperature in an effort to save money.

While this might seem like a reasonable decision, the low temeprature can lead to higher humidity, which in turn can result in problems with mould and rot. 

Nilan Service Center provides an overview of all your Nilan units and can be used to monitor temperature and humidity changes. This enables you to avoid for example humidity issues quickly and effectively.


Can my ventilation unit cool the building in the summer?
How does a heat pump work?
Why is it necessary to change filters?

These are just a few of the questions that we are frequently asked regarding our products.  We have created a page with the most frequently asked questions where you will hopefully find the answers you are looking for with regards to our products.

Commercial solutions up to 35,000 m3/h

Nilan offers a range of ventilation units suitable for, for instance, offices, shopping centres, restaurants, educational institutions,  hospitals, concert halls, hotels and similar spaces where cooling is often required. 

Counterflow heat exchanger

Nilan offers ventilation units with heat recovery via a counterflow heat exchanger with an air volume of up to 5,300 m3/h.



Heat pump/heat pipe

The Nilan VPM-series consists of ventilation units with heat pump in combination with a heat pipe.  They are available with an air volume of up to 35,000 m3/h.

The efficient heat pump can both cool and heat the supply air.

Units for cleanrooms

The VPM Cleanroom ventilation units are a unique and cutting-edge solution that prevents contamination of the supply air and extract air.

Compared with existing solutions with a run-around heat exchanger, the VPM Cleanroom units constitute compact solutions with a high degree of heat recovery and low power consumption.

They are used in environments with strict requirements to clean air quality such as laboratories, hospitals and buildings used in the food industry and in the industry of electronics. 

They are available with air volumes of up to 22,000 m3/h.

Nilan is an active partner in your projects.
Our goal is to supply our customers with the best possible solutions.  Whether the aim is to meet existing Building Regulations or to find a more energy efficient solution, we guarantee a successful outcome with our cutting-edge technology.