Job at Nilan

Nilan is a 100% Danish-owned company in growth with production and head office in Hedensted.

We produce Danish quality solutions that ensure customers a good indoor climate - and have been doing this since 1974.

Our employees are curious by nature and would like to help shape the future of green development - both on a national and European level, but also internally within the company.

You will be part of a company with an informal tone, nice colleagues and a flexible work culture, where everyone contributes to the development and new initiatives are always welcomed.

The great know how in the company is shared across different departments at meetings, in the canteen and on Fridays when we celebrate the upcomming weekend with breakfast.

We are happy with our talented employees - and fortunately they are also happy with us. Seniority is high in both production and administration, and we are really proud of that.

At Nilan, you get a wide range of contacts and since we often receive visits from our foreign partners, you get to meet different languages ​​and cultures in your daily life.

Nilan is a strong brand with a long and innovative history, but in reality we are too big to be as small as we often act.

With us, you won't find modern info screens and smart conference rooms, but rather a traditional, stable company with both feet firmly planted in the Jutland soil.


Would you like to be part of a success and do you want to be part of the future journey of Nilan?

We are constantly looking for new colleagues for both our production and our administration.
As one of the standard qualifications for working at Nilan is speaking and understanding Danish, we link to the Danish site for Vacancies

If you do not find a match, you are welcome to apply unsolicited with us. See here if we have vacancies that match your skills.

Unsolicited applications to Nilan

You may have experience within the ventilation industry. Or maybe you don't have, but you are passionate about working with energy-efficient products and want to contribute to a healthier planet and a better indoor climate.

With Nilan, it is easy to apply unsolicited. No long forms to fill in - just send us your application and your CV. It is also sufficient to drop a few lines about who you are and why we should call you if there is a vacancy at Nilan.

When you send the email, you consent to us processing your information in the recruitment process.


You are always welcome to send us an unsolicited application and tell us why we should employ you in our fantastic company.

At our head office you will find departments such as Sales, Service, Development, Finance and Purchasing all under one roof.

Unsolicited application in the administration


There are many different skill sets at Nilan and in addition to e.g. electricians and blacksmiths, we have many unskilled employees who can and want to make a difference.

You are very welcome to contact Vang Vikar & Rekruttering ApS, which handles recruitment for our production.

Unsolicited application in the production