If you as a professional have questions about Nilan's products, installation, design,
pricing or the like, you are welcome to contact us. 

Our Service Department and our Sales Department are ready to help you with your inquiry.
We can likewise supply parts for old units.

Our opening hours are:
Monday-Thursday 7.30-16.00
Friday 7.30-14.00


If you are a private customer, please contact one of our partners here.

Contact Service

If you as a professional have any questions about installing or servicing Nilan's products, please feel free to contact us on +45 76 75 25 00.

Write to the Service Department

Contact Sales

If your inquiry concerns design or an offer for a unit, please contact our Sales Department on +45 76 75 25 00.

Write to the Sales Department

We have compiled an overview of our Danish dealers, so you can easily get in touch with them.

If your question concerns a ventilation unit abroad, you can see our European dealers here.

Efficient energy renovation of older units

Saving energy is the central aspect of all Nilan’s products. That is why we offer renovation of older 
ventilation units, thereby ensuring a longer service life of the unit.

Energy consumption is reduced, and energy savings are thereby achieved.

A proactive and long-term approach is the way forward.

You are legally required to have heat pumps checked annually. 
If a leakage or damage should occur, it is important to get this repaired.

The annual check that is required by law ensures that the heat pump operates at maximum efficiency.

Take out a service agreement with one of Nilan’s service partners.

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