Nilan's history

Nilan was founded in 1974 in Vejle by Jørn Nielsen and Torben Andersen. It is also the two founders’ surnames that made our company name Nilan. Already the following year, the air/water heat pump is launched.

Not many years pass before Torben Andersen wants to go abroad and in 1980 The Nilan name is established in Finland, Austria, Canada, and the USA. Throughout the 90s and 00s, Nilan reaps many awards and great success in e.g., USA and Canada.

In 1985, a brand-new factory in Hedensted saw the light of day, and this is still the location we are in today.

However, there have been expansions over the years - the first time as early as in 1988 and subsequently i.e., in 1997, when approx. 4,000 m2 were added to the existing approx. 6,000 m2 and thus doubled the production area. Latest in 2021, the neighboring property has been acquired, and planning the largest expansion in Nilan's history has begun.

The rapid growth was also noticed domestically and in both 1999 and 2000 Nilan was named Gazelle company of the year - an honor awarded to companies that as a minimum have doubled their turnover over a four-year period.

The management is also proud to have received the AAA credit rating in 2000, which testifies to the outside world and customers that Nilan is a healthy financial company.

At the beginning of the 00s - more specifically in 2004 - Nilan takes over the subsidiary Vesttherm. The start of the new century also becomes the start and launch of both the Comfort series and NilAIR, both products of which Nilan is well known for today.

At the same time, Nilan's employees are working on yet another innovation and in 2006 the forerunner of what we know today as a Compact P is launched, where ventilation, domestic hot water, cooling, and heating are integrated into a highly efficient compact system.

The strict focus on energy-efficient construction, in addition to the delivery of a compact system for the EU's largest passive house construction in 2005, was richly rewarded in the late 00s.

In both 2007 and 2009, Nilan - in collaboration with The Technological University of Darmstadt in Germany - wins the international Solar Decathlon competition.


Photo: Inhabitat

In 2010, Nilan launches the well-known multi-unit, which is also referred to as the "heart and lungs of the house", Compact P.

The Compact P system recycles 100% of the heat in the exhaust air to heat the outside air and the domestic hot water.

This unique heat recovery already receives international recognition in 2010, when the facility is certified as a Passive House component.


We have listed the milestones year by year, so that you can follow Nilan's history and development over time
- both as a company and the launch of the individual products.

Launches the DHW AIR and the Comfort 350R

Launches the Comfort 350L and the Nilan Service Center

Launches the Comfort 350 Top and the Nilan App

Launches the Nilan MultiLink and the Combi S 302 Polar Top 
which combines two heat recovery techniques.

Receives Hedensted Kommunes Erhvervspris 2018. 

Launches the ventilation unit Comfort CT200.

Launches the Combi 302 Polar Top which combines two heat recovery techniques
and established the Nilan name in the Estonian market.

Established the Nilan name in the Polish market and launches the effective compact system 
Compact S and the Comfort 252 Top / Comfort 302 Top.

Launches the Combi 300 Polar which combines two heat recovery techniques.

Launches the multi functional Comfort CT150-system and the passive house certified Comfort CT300-system. 
Establishes sales offices in Germany and Norway. Nilan is now represented in 17 countries all over Europe.

Wins the international solar-powered housing competition Solar Decathlon for the third time.

Receives internationally recognised passive house certification for the Compact P and the highly effective
compact system Compact P. 
Established the Nilan name in the Hungarian market.

Wins the international solar-powered housing competition Solar Decathlon for the second time. 
Established the nilan name in the Belgian market and receives ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Established the Nilan name in the Czech market.

Wins the international solar-powered housing competition Solar Decathlon.
Develops the first HFC-free system with McDonald’s, Danfoss and the Danish Technological Institute.

Launches VP 18 Compact, a system which integrates ventilation and heat recovery,
sanitary hot water production, cooling and heating in an integrated product.

Supplies state-of-the-art compact system to the largest passive housing building in the EU.

Launches the NilAIR air distribution system and merges with Danish heat pump manufacturer Vesttherm.

Launches the Comfort range.

Receives AAA credit rating and receives the Børsen Gazelle award for the second time.
This award is presented to companies in recognition of exceptional growth measured on revenue or gross profit.

Receives the Børsen Gazelle award.
This award is presented to companies in recognition of exceptional growth measured on revenue or gross profit.

Expands the facility at Hedensted in Denmark to 10,000 m2, thus doubling the production area.

Launches domestic heat pumps with capacity up to 500 m3/hour.

Expands the facility at Hedensted in Denmark for the first time.

Brand-new factory is commissioned at Hedensted in Denmark.

Moves to new and larger facility at Hedensted in Denmark.

Established on the markets in Finland, Austria, Canada and USA.

Launches air/water heat pump.

Founded at Vejle in Denmark.