Quality assurance

When we state that we test all aggregates before they leave the factory, then we literally mean we test all aggregates. Before shipping a new unit of, our operating test ensures that the unit meets the market’s quality requirements and the high standard we set ourselves.

Our production team is trained to produce our specific type of system. Ongoing dialogue and evaluations ensure high level of competence and sharing of the knowledge we have gained throughout the many years Nilan has been in the ventilation market. When new colleagues need to be trained, it is done by peer training, where important details are passed on personally, so you can ask questions and thus increase understanding.


Before a Nilan unit leaves the factory, we carry out both a function test and an operating test.

Among other things, we test whether all sensors and relays are mounted correctly and are working. The colleagues in Afprøvning (Testing) also check whether the electric cartridge works as intended.

In the operating test, one of the central elements is to test the reversible cooling circuit, so that we ensure that the unit performs as it should - both in the cooling and heating functions.



Certified Quality

Nilan has received several certifications. Both our quality management system and our aggregates are continuously certified, to ensure that the quality matches the high standards we are so well known for. 

ISO 9001:2015

The quality management system ISO 9001 is recognized throughout the world and provides Nilan with an effective management of, for example, our customer dialogue. The system ensures that we focus on processes, ongoing monitoring, and evaluation.

ISO 9001:2015, which covers e.g., sales, dimensioning, and construction of heat pumps with over 2.5 kg refrigerant charge, is one of the certificates that we at Nilan are very proud of.

Bruun Inspektion A/S carries out the annual audit in accordance with the Danish Working Environment (Arbejdstilsynet) executive order. 

Passive house certified

Nilan’s aggregates Comfort and Compact are both certified.
Our Compact P (92 m3/h and 172 m3/h) and our Comfort CT150 (600 m3/h) have been recognized as a Certified Passive House Component.

It is a certificate that is awarded to components that are suitable for the construction of passive houses, where the requirements for, among other things, energy needs are stricter than the minimum requirements from the building regulations.

In addition to very low energy consumption, heat recovery in a passive house must be done from the passive heat of the home and the residents – the house is named after this characteristic. 

Smart Grid Ready

With Smart Grid, your aggregate can communicate with the intelligent power system and thus make more optimal use of the capacity of the grid. The SG Ready certification is a scheme that for the time being applies to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Nilan's Compact P, Compact P Air9 and Compact P Geo are all certified Smart Grid Ready, containing four operation modes that are activated by an external signal from the utility company. Thus, the Smart Grid function considers situations of lack of power, normal operation, cheap power, and overcapacity of power.

Product Development

Our product development work is centered around what has always been Nilan’s goal and motivation:
Creating solutions for the future.

A long-term focus in combination with our great know-how is therefore both a necessity and a reality when we develop new aggregates and new components for the existing products already in Nilan’s portfolio.

Conversely, our experience and adaptability support our ability to meet the needs of any customer. We are happy to take up a challenge and build specially adapted aggregates or specially designed aggregates from scratch when it is the best solution for the customer.

This ability to adapt and leverage our competences has ensured our existence since Nilan was established, and we still believe it is the way forward. We operate in a market that is constantly changing and evolving and only by embracing and working proactively with the opportunities it offers, can we secure aggregates for our customers that are also functional and up to date many years from now.