Nilan Service Center 

You can easily check the operating status of the ventilation unit and in many cases solve the challenge directly from the Nilan Service Center - without being at the same address as the unit.

If an alarm occurs on a ventilation unit, Nilan Service Center sends an email. Each ventilation unit has its own address, so it is easy to find exactly the one unit that is failing.

You can see the alarm in the Service Center - either on PC or in the app - and prepare the solution before contacting a service technician. This way you minimize time-consuming and expensive service visits.

Optimal operation ensures low energy consumption with low operating costs and ensures a good indoor climate without humidity, rot, and mould. This benefits both the economy, unit, and property.

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BIM data on ventilation and heat pump solutions

You can download AutoCad or Revit drawings with BIM data on several Nilan ventilation and heat pump solutions - and the list is constantly expanding.

With BIM data, you get all the necessary technical data to be able to draw and calculate Nilan's constructions in 3D.

Learn more about BIM data at Nilan's units here.


Get a complete overview of which units offer exactly the functions which your customer is looking for,
whether it is a residential or commercial facility.