For more than 45 years Nilan has developed and produced sustainable ventilation and heat pump solutions of the highest quality. Our products ensure a good indoor climate and have low energy consumption. This benefits both our customers and the environment.

There has been a steady increase in the internationalisation of Nilan since its foundation in 1974. Today we are represented in a majority of European countries, and due to recognition of our skills and products, the expansion continues.

We base business on a simple philosophy

“In order to become the customers’ preference, we have to be the most creative and productive presence on the market viewed from an overall economic perspective.  The prerequisite for us being able to supply the overall economically best ventilation units is a short payback period due to low running expenses and a long service life.   We firmly believe that quality is the key to achieve this.”

Focus on sustainability

Since day one, the essence of our purpose has been to supply our customers with ventilation units and heat pumps that not only contribute towards a healthy indoor climate and reduced heating costs due to heat recovery, but that are sustainable at the same time.

This has remained our focus because we believe that everybody has a responsibility regarding the future of our planet.

Our competences

Nilan is a strong partner for anybody who wishes to invest in the ventilation and heat pump solutions of the future. 

Our many years’ experience in the business and our market oriented focus have taught us the importance of quality assurance and product development.

In these areas we are at our sharpest, and both our customers and partners benefit from it. 

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