Nilan has since the foundation in 1974 had the mission to make people and environment healthier.
Here you can learn more about the management of a Danish company, that continuously prioritise Danish production of quality leading ventilation units and heat pumps.

Svend Jørgensen

Svend has worked at Nilan A/S as CEO since 2017.
Before then he had multiple management positions within the finance sector and membership of various Boards of Directors.
Through many years Svend has e.g., been in the Board of Directors in Aars Erhvervsråd (Business Council) and Himmerlands Udviklingsråd (Development Council).

Brian Hansen
Sales Director

Brian started as Sales Representative at Nilan back in 2003 and has since advanced
- in 2005 to Sales Manager and latest in 2010 where he was appointed Sales Director.
With the overall sales responsibility for Nilan, Brian is responsible for both Sales, Marketing, and product Management.

Christina Schou Petersen

Christina was employed at Nilan in 2013 as Business Controller and already in 2014,
she had her area of responsibility extended and became CFO.
Today Christina’s area includes both Finance, Reception, HR, Purchase and Logistics.

Henrik Andreasen
Production Manager

With nearly 35 years seniority at Nilan, Henrik has great knowledge about the company.
He started in 1987 as employee in the Production and has e.g., worked as Technical Designer in R&D
and as Foreman in the Production, before he in 2017 was promoted to Production Manager.


Board of Directors

Torben Andersen
Founder and owner of Nilan A/S

Through more than 48 years Torben has managed Nilan safely through both good and sometimes uncertain periods.
With his great dedication to both Nilan and the business, he is an acknowledged pioneer within environmental indoor climate. 

Board of Directors

Poul Mortensen
Chairman of the Board
Joined Nilan’s Board of Directors in 1987.

Torben Andersen
Member of the Board
Owner of Nilan A/S

Preben Thorius Lund
Member of the Board
Joined Nilan’s Board of Director in 2014.

Peter Sønderskov
Member of the Board
Joined Nilan’s Board of Director in 2019.

Svend Jørgensen
Member of the Board
Joined Nilan’s Board of Director in 2016.

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