If you are experiencing any problmes with your Nilan unit, you must contact the dealer that sold the unit. If the unit is no longer covered by the warranty, you should contact a Nilan service partner. 

On this page you can get in touch with the people who can help with your questions – whether it concerns servicing your unit, balancing or something completely different.

Is it time for filter change or does your system have a "new sound"? Or if you have another question about your Nilan ventilation unit.
A Service Partner is the right person to contact. 

Cleaning of e.g., ducts and shafts is necessary to ensure a healthy indoor climate.
Reduced suction power increases humidity with the risk of damage to the home. 

Correct balancing of your ventilation unit ensures the best possible outcome with the lowest possible energy consumption.

If sudden challenges arise with your unit outside normal working hours, you can get help here. 

If you are considering buying a ventilation unit or replacing the old one, you can find our Danish dealers here. 

If your need for a ventilation unit is abroad, we have also compiled an overview of our European dealers. 

Look at our job page and see if there is a vacancy that suits your skills and wishes. Or apply unsolicited to Nilan. 

You can read more about Nilan's management, founder, and board here. 

Remember the statutory inspection of your heat pump

It is legally required to have an annual inspection carried out on heat pumps that contain more than 1 kg of refrigerant.
If a leak or other issues occur, it is important that the error is fixed.
With an annual legally required inspection, you ensure an efficient and optimal operation of the heat pump.
Make a service agreement with one of Nilan's service partners.