High-level professionalism

We believe that the precondition for thinking and working innovatively and for providing the best possible service to our customers and partners is that we work with a high level of professionalism. It is therefore important that we work consistently to ensure that our staff’s competences – and therefore also Nilan’s competences – are maintained at the highest possible level. In addition, we encourage our employees to take care that competence development is a frequent part of their job.

We seek to constantly remain updated with the latest developments at all times, not only from the perspective of our own products, but also in relation to construction technology. Thereby, we can meet future requirements and provide the most competent advice. Knowledge sharing is therefore an important aspect of day-to-day work at Nilan, involving both our colleagues, customers and partners. Knowledge sharing is the only sure way to make certain that all our staff are constantly up-to-date with the latest developments and that they possess the high-level competences necessary to provide the best possible advisory service.


Quality is a basic parameter in everything we do at Nilan, not least in relation to our ventilation systems and heat pumps. Our systems must look at least as good on the inside as on the outside. We are determined to offer our customers only the very best. So we only use the market’s very best components and all our systems are thoroughly tested before they leave our factory.

We are convinced that quality is individual. Consequently, we are always prepared to listen to our customers’ needs, and to develop and sell the solution we believe will create the most value. We are never satisfied until you are!


We encourage and expect our staff to think innovatively. Therefore, we foster an environment conducive to turning creative ideas into action, that is, an environment in which we respond to all ideas and take them into serious consideration. At the company level, we are continually involved in innovative projects and cooperate with a large number of partners to make people healthier and create a healthier environment. We work hard to research and develop the opportunities modern technology opens up to us, and see future possibilities as the key to future solutions.

It's true to say that we should not always talk about ourselves. We must also be prepared to listen. Nilan’s systems meet our customers’ requirements and exploit the opportunities inherent in the technology. This is true because we make a habit of listening to the people who use our systems. And this is why we encourage our staff to welcome and investigate all the innovative proposals that our customers and partners come up with.


We have a serious intent to make people and the environment healthier, and this is one of the cornerstones on which Nilan is founded. As responsible citizens, we assume our share of responsibility for preserving the environment and the quality of life for future generations. Being able to make a difference creates commitment: We are not only here to make a profit but also to create a sustainable future. Not only do we assume our share of responsibility for maintaining the environment. We also seriously intend to influence and promote technological and political developments in our market.

For Nilan, commitment is also important in terms of how we serve the individual customer. We believe that our task is not merely to supply a system. We have a holistic approach to all our projects and see it as our primary task to understand and assist our customers and partners through dialogue and advice from beginning to end.