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Compact P2 - all you need in one combined indoor climate solution

The Compact P2 is a combined indoor climate solution, suitable for all low-energy houses, apartments and smaller commercial buildings.

At first glance, the Compact P2 is similar to what you already know, but you will soon discover that we have updated the design, so that it appears even more streamlined. The HMI touch panel is now an integrated part of the front, while the top door has a smart magnetic closure, making it easier to change the filters.

Compact P2 versions

The Compact P2 is a multi-unit with several installations combined in one compact installation. In addition, the Compact P2 can of course be combined with the well-known outdoor air heat pump AIR9+ and geothermal heat pump GEO, which ensures efficient heating in the home.

Ventilation, domestic hot water & heating

The new Compact P2 ventilation system can both ventilate your home, heat the fresh supply air, and ensure optimal heating of your domestic water.

The Compact P2 is equipped with a 180 l hot water tank, and the updated and high-efficiency heat exchanger ensures optimal heat recovery. The Compact P2 meets all applicable market requirements.

By combining several installations in just one installation, you save considerable space in the technical room. Another advantage is that the control systems work in unison, which optimises power consumption and thereby enables an overall saving in energy consumption.

The Compact P2 has been updated on both design and performance, and you will get an energy-efficient ventilation system with low operating costs and long life time - beneficial for both the heating bill and the environment.

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