NEWS: Nilan Service Center

Nilan Service Center 

- A strong tool for monitoring ventilation units and heat pumps

Optimal operation ensures low energy consumption with low operating costs and ensures a good indoor climate without humidity, rot and mold, for the benefit of both wallet, unit and property.

You can easily and simply check the operating status of the ventilation unit or heat pump and in many cases solve the challenge directly from the Nilan Service Center - without the need to be at the same address as the system. 

If the heat pump stops, you can in many cases help, so the unit is not left without heating.

In other words - with Nilan Service Center you save both time and money!


Services and repairs

If an alarm is triggered on a ventilation unit, Nilan Service Center will send an email directly to the chosen recipient. Since every ventilation unit has its own address, it is easy to identify the unit that caused the error.

The current alarm will show in Nilan Service Center, and this will allow you to prepare a solution to the problem before a service technician is contacted. You thereby minimise recurring, time-consuming service visits. 


Looking after both buildings, units and the relation

With Nilan Service Center, you get a great opportunity to act quickly if a system is turned off or set incorrectly - both as a Housing Administrator and Service Engineer. If there are anomalies or excessive use, you can also proactively ensure a quick solution - perhaps even before the indoor climate in the home is noticeably affected.

With quick action, both the building and the ventilation unit remain intact. A ventilation system can suffer damage if it is off over a long period of time. A typical issue is condensation forming in the unit, which results in damages to its technical components.


Nilan Service Center is also accessible via an app

You always have access to all connected units when you are on the go
and can quickly remedy a situation that generates poor indoor climate in a home.


Want to hear more about Nilan Service Center?

We are ready to answer any questions you may have about the use and benefits of Nilan Service Center. Contact our Service Department at and let us find a solution for you, whether you are a Housing Association, Service Engineer or simply see a great advantage in this groundbreaking program. You are also welcome to call us by phone +45 76 75 25 00.