Order processing

Here, you will discover a guide detailing everything your order should encompass, alongside answers to additional queries you may have regarding placing orders. Whether you're a new customer or a returning client, we aim to provide clarity and support throughout your purchasing process.

Guidelines to Purchase Orders

Orders must be submitted by email by sending a Purchase Order to order@nilan.dk
The purchase order must contain following information:
• Purchase order date.
• Purchase order number.
• Nilan Item number/numbers
• Quantity.
• Detailed delivery address, postal code, recipient name and phone number.
• Information of any special request or agreement (fx. transport, truck with tail lift needed, fix delivery or special agreements to prices, discounts).
Additional information can be added:
• Request for a specific delivery date.
• Other relevant information or requests.

The next steps

1. Nilan DK confirms the order by issuing an order confirmation. The customer must always check the order confirmation. If there is no response to any errors within a short time, we assume that the order is correct and accepted.
2. Finances, payments etc. must be cleared with finance dep. no later than 4 days before the date of dispatch. 
3. Any changes must be made by email. Please always state order number and a clear description of the change. Any changes to orders must reach us no later than 4 days before the date of dispatch.
4. If orders are delayed / postponed by Nilan DK, we will inform you as soon as possible and a revised order confirmation with new date of dispatch will be issued.
5. 5. If orders are postponed indefinitely from your side and no new delivery date is given, goods will not be produced and kept in stock, and we will await a new delivery date from you, before starting up production. Please bear in mind that for some products, delivery time can be up to 12 weeks, so any changes/new dates must be communicated well in advance. 
6. Claims, Returns, Transport damages are handled by After Sales. Please always create an RMA and contact servicebesked@nilan.dk 
7. Orders of spare parts must be submitted by email by sending a Purchase Order to After Sales dep. by email to servicebesked@nilan.dk