Passive houses


Nilan offers ventilation and heat recovery units which have received the internationally recognised passive house certification – in definitive recognition of the environmental benefits due to its high efficiency.

This certification means that the units are pre-approved for passive houses, so that no further documentation is required.

The German Passivhaus Institut (PHI), which is behind passive house certification, is a key player in the low-energy construction industry, especially because the institute created the passive house concept.

In other words, PHI sets the standard for houses constructed as passive buildings due to their low energy consumption. The institute is thus also the trendsetter for coming EU requirements of low-energy construction.

Compact P
Compact P is passive house certified via two certificates, according to efficiency and heating area. The certificates specify the following values for Compact P to certify the system’s ability to provide a passive building with ventilation.

Download certifikat (92 m3)
Download certifikat (172 m3)


Compact P Compact P AIR Compact P GEO Compact P EK

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