How to change the filter

When it is time to change the filter, the time-controlled filter alarm will let you know. It could also be damp on the inside of your windows or noise from the system that indicates this.

You do not need to switch off your system during the filter change.

Depending on which system you have, you loosen the cover to the filter using either suitcase brackets or thumb screws. Carefully pull the filter frames out of the machine so that no dust remains fall into the system.

There is plenty of space to clean the filter compartment with a vacuum cleaner and possibly a damp cloth.

Remove the old filter by pulling it out of the filter frame and install the new one in the frame. Follow the instructions from the supplier to ensure that the filter is facing the right way.

Be careful to get the filter well into the frame.

Put the filter frames back into the system and close the door again.


We have filmed a filter change in our Comfort 300LR, but the principle of filter change is the same regardless of which ventilation unit you have in your home.

At the end of the film, we show how to remove your filter alarm on a CTS602 with push button panel.

If you want a description of the filter change for your exact unit, please search for the system via our product overview and see a picture of each individual system here.



Used filters are disposed as “småt brandbart”

A used filter contains dust, micro-particles and possibly fungal spores and can therefore be harmful to health. The used filter must therefore be disposed of as “småt brandbart”.

Remember to wash your hands after changing the filter in your ventilation unit, so that you do not carry any harmful particles around.


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