Cooling of your home

Therefore, we have gathered some information to give you an idea about how your ventilation unit can help with this.

It is very important that you do not turn off the ventilation unit in the summer.
A turned off unit can damage both your ventilation unit and your home.

Which unit do you have?

If you are unaware of which unit, that is installed in your home, you can check it in the control panel or in the Nilan app.

A Comfort unit is not for cooling

Homes with a Comfort unit is ventilated efficiently and silently. At the same time, the ventilation uses a minimal amount of energy for the task.

However, your Comfort unit is not intended to cool your home and therefore does not function as air conditioning. 

Comfortable cooling with Combi or Compact  

When your home has a Combi or a Compact unit, the supply air can be cooled and provide a pleasant cooling effect.

Combined with the lower humidity that the unit supplies, the indoor climate feels more comfortable.


Unfortunately, Nilan does not sell products that provides extra cooling of your home.

If you want to purchase such products, you can reach out to one of our service partners for more assistance. Or go to your local electrician or your local DIY store, where they sell fans and other air conditioning.