Phasing out the gas boiler

Why you should choose a DHW AIR9

An air to water heat pump is the obvious alternative to a gas boiler. Our new DHW AIR is a space-saving solution that supplies the dwelling with energy-efficient heating and domestic hot water by means of the extremely low-noise air to water heat pump, AIR9.

The indoor unit is connected up to the dwelling’s existing central heating system and replaces the old gas boiler. From here, the unit sends heating to the radiators and the under floor heating and produces domestic hot water. The unit is easy to mount and it does not require complete renovation of your utility room. 

Silent Mode and Cost optimization

Although AIR9 is one of the most quiet heat pumps on the market, in built-up areas of high density it can be necessary to limit the noise of the heat pump during certain time periods. DHW AIR9 therefore has settings for night and summer limits, so you can set a maximum capacity for the heat pump during night time, where there are stricter rules regarding noise on the border to neighbouring properties, or during the summer when people spend more time in the garden.
In addition to Silent Mode, DHW AIR9 also has week programs to help you cost optimize the heating of domestic water and central heating over a period of 24 hours based on the prices of electricity.  For instance, you can set the week program so the set points are automatically reduced during the hours from 17:00 to 21:00 when electricity is typically most expensive. 

Phasing out your gas boiler without any charge

The Danish Agency “Energistyrelsen” has set up a subsidy scheme “Afkoblingsordningen” that is targeted at gas customers who want to replace their gas boiler with a more economical and greener heat source. The subsidy scheme “Afkoblingsordningen” opens on Wednesday 10 May and offers you the opportunity to replace the gas boiler completely free of charge. The subsidy scheme “Afkoblingsordningen” covers costs for disconnecting gas lines, which you normally must pay to be disconnected from the gas system.

In order to make use of the subsidy scheme, you must deregister your gas supply from Evida while the subsidy scheme is still available. Read more about the subsidy scheme at Evida.

Grant specifically for energy-efficient heat pumps

The AIR9 heat pump has the energy label A++ at 55°. This is significant as a good energy label entitles you to a larger grant for home improvements that better the energy-efficiency.

DHW AIR9 is therefore the obvious solution if you wish to be free from any concerns about the development of gas prices.

Read more about the application, energy labeling and much more at