How much does it cost to heat my home?

You can do some things yourself to ensure as low power consumption as possible.

The factors, that are decisive for the power consumption of your ventilation system and thus the heating of your home, are:

  • The quality of the filter:
    If you or other residents of the home need a higher filter class (e.g., due to allergens or if you live close to a heavily trafficked road), then more pressure is needed in the ducts to provide the same air exchange. And stronger air pressure costs more energy.
  • Purity of the filter:
    Regular filter changes affect the pressure loss in the ducts. A dirty filter can cause a higher loss of pressure, and this can therefore in many cases mean higher energy consumption, as the system must work harder to change the air as desired.
  • Venting:
    If you open the windows too often or too long time to ventilate your home, the system must heat more than originally intended, and therefore uses more energy for the task.
  • Heating solution:
    The chosen solution for heating contributes to how much power must be used for the task. Depending on which system you have installed in your home, the task is different.

    All other things being equal, the power consumption will increase if the task is both ventilation, heating of the home and domestic hot water production - without the help of, for example, an air-to-water heat pump or geothermal system.
  • Consumption:
    There are of course also things that you can simply influence yourself when we talk about energy consumption.
    The length and temperature of the hot bath and the room temperature in the home are decisive for how much energy is consumed.


All these factors are difficult to put a price on, and in addition there are currently very fluctuating electricity prices.

A good way to measure your power consumption is to connect an energy meter to your unit. With some units, you can plug it into the socket yourself and then plug your unit back into the same socket. This applies, for example, to Nilan's Compact and Comfort units.

For other systems, this exercise requires a visit by an electrical installer. This applies if you have a central heating pump.

If you need an electrical installer for the task, you can contact your local Service Partner here.