Subsidy scheme from “Bygningspuljen”

The “Bygningspuljen” subsidy scheme for 2022 is closed for now, but a new one will open for 2023. However, a decision has not yet been made as to when it will open next, but the amount for 2023 has already been set - a whopping DKK 320 million.

When the 2022 “Bygningspuljen” subsidy scheme opened, it was emptied in just one day. It is therefore important to prepare your application and keep an eye on when the “Bygningspuljen” subsidy scheme opens in 2023.

The “Bygningspuljen” provides subsidies for three categories and applies to both single-family houses and multi-storey properties:

  • Change of heat source
  • Renovation of climate screen
  • Optimization of the home operation

Subsidy are provided based on a positive list, i.e., where specific energy improvement initiatives are mentioned. For example, the establishment of balanced mechanical ventilation with heat recovery with a heat exchanger or heat recovery from the extract air via a heat pump.

An application for a subsidy for the establishment of a heat pump can only be made, even if the home is not energy labelled. Subsidies for all other measures require an energy label for the home.

It is possible for year-round house owners (including private house owners and owner associations) to apply for subsidies for energy renovations. The subsidy is tax-exempt for private house owners.

It is important that you do not start the work or order the materials before the “Energistyrelsen” has given an undertaking that the subsidy will be provided.

How do I apply?

You apply via when the “Bygningspuljen” subsidy scheme opens again, but you must start much earlier.

1. Prepare documents - see more about this at
2. Apply in the subsidy portal - remember that you must queue before the subsidy pool opens. The money is quickly spent.
3. Arm yourself with patience - the processing time for your application can last up to 6 months.
4. The answer arrives in the “Bygningspuljen” portal or by email if you have registered your email.
5. Once you have been provided with the subsidy, you can start the project, book craftsmen and order materials.
6. When the project has been completed, you can apply for payment of your subsidy - it can take up to 6 months before the money is in your “NemKonto”.

Read more about the application, energy labeling and much more at