Save energy with a Week Program

You must not switch off your unit, but you can ensure that the filter is clean and that the ventilation ducts are not so dirty that it compromises the pressure in the ducts. In addition, your unit must be regulated correctly and comply with current legislation for ventilation in private homes.

In addition, you can also set your unit according to when you and your family are at home and when you are not. This applies both in everyday life, but also during holidays, when the home is empty for longer periods.

You do that in the Week Program.


Setting the Week Program

By default, the Week Program is switched off from the factory.

You have the option of creating 3 different programs that you can easily switch between. For example, "Normal operation winter", "Normal operation summer" and "Holiday operation".

In the Week Program you can of course set for all days of the week, but the good help is that you can copy one day to the next day, so it is easy to simply adjust the times, e.g.

At 00.00 – step 2 (family is sleeping but needs circulation as bedroom doors may be closed)

At 06.00 – step 4 (family takes a shower, makes coffee, toasts bread – all actions that require ventilation)

At 08.30 – step 1 (a full hour after the family has left the home, the ventilation can be turned down to a lower level. The contaminated air has been changed if the system is dimensioned and set correctly)

At 15.00 – step 2 (the first person of the family comes home)

At 16.30 – step 3 (the rest of the family comes home)

At 17.30 – step 4 (cooking begins and some may need to shower after sports)

At 20.00 – step 3 (the home is quiet and the youngest may have gone to bed)

At 22.00 – step 2 (the parents turn off the TV and the house goes quiet for the night)

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are perhaps a true copy of Monday. But on Fridays, the family comes home a little earlier and perhaps goes to bed later, and the times in the program must therefore be adjusted.

Saturday and Sunday must have their own special programming, but perhaps the two days are the same as far as the times are concerned.

Vacation time
When the family is on holiday for a longer period, there is no need for the same level of ventilation as when you are at home. Therefore, you can benefit from making a "holiday program" so that you can easily switch to it before you leave home.


User Manual

You can see in our user guides how to set your Week Program.

If you have a unit with CTS602 or CTS700 control, you can set a Week Program – unfortunately this function is not possible for units with CTS150 and CTS400 control.

You will find user guides under downloads on Nilan's website. Go to User settings and Week Program.