Electrical after-heating element VPM/VPR - Integrated

An after-heating element is often installed if you want to be able to control the supply air temperature. A low supply air temperature may, at times, feel like a draught. By ensuring that the supply air temperature does not fall below a certain level, you achieve a good, comfortable indoor climate.  

Electrical after-heating elements for all VPM/VPR units are factory-installed. It is therefore important to establish whether or not you require an after-heating element before you order the unit. The electrical after-heating element requires its own power supply.

If you order an electrical after-heating element, it will be factory-installed in the unit. 

It is possible to retrofit an electrical after-heating element if you have ordered a unit without one and then later regret this. 

Unit Max. Voltage after-heating element
VPM120 5 kW
VPM240 7 kW
VPM360 14 kW
VPM480 14 kW eller 21 kW
VPM560 14 kW eller 21 kW
VPM600 - VPM3200 14kW - 120 kW