Combox - 6 connectors

The Combox manifold box is mostly used in installations in apartments where it distributes supply air to the various rooms. Extract air from bathroom and kitchen, however, is usually connected via a spiral duct since there are often only two points of extraction. 

A sound dampening connection is established between the ventilation unit and the manifold box by means of e.g. a Soundflex tube. This prevents noise from the ventilation fans from travelling through the dwelling. 
The manifold box is connected to the supply air valves using flexible NilAIR tubes. One, two or three tubes run to each valve depending on the air volume required for ventilation. 

The box is mounted using 25 mm sound absorbing material which ensures that limited noise is transmitted to the tubes. 

Material - box 0,9 mm aluzinc steel plate
Insulation 25 mm sound and condensation insulation
Material - connectors Pure PE-HD
Number of connectors 6 pcs.
Connection for the unit Ø125 mm

Pressure loss for the Combox.

Red curve: Pressure loss for extract air

Blue curve: Pressure loss for supply air

The manifold box can, for instance, be installed above a drop ceiling. 

If you do not need all the connectors, you can cover the excess ones with red cover plates.