High supply air box - for grilles

If you want an alternative solution to traditional, round valves for supply air, an elegant grille solution is available from NilAIR. The grid comes in silver anodised aluminium or in white powder coated aluminium. 

The grilles are mounted in high supply air boxes that are typically placed in concrete floors or floor systems. They can also be installed in low supply air boxes in the ceiling, in a wall or under a wooden floor. 

The boxes are available with 1, 2 or 3 connectors depending on the air volume required. The connectors fit NilAIR tubes Ø75 mm and Ø90 mm.

Material - box 0,9 mm aluzinc steel plate
Material - connectors Pure PE-HD
Grille sizes 1 connector 300 x 50 mm
Grille sizes 2 or 3 connectors 500 x 50 mm

Pressure loss for supply air boxes for grilles.

Blue curve: 1 connector

Red curve: 2 connectors

Green curve: 3 connectors

We recommend max. 30 m3/h per connector.

A regulation part is available for balancing the supply air in the individual box. The regulation part has seven different levels, and you can set it by turning the inner part and then fixing it with a click.