Supply air box - for valve above door

In renovation projects it is often not possible to mount supply air valves in the ceiling due to a lack of space, or perhaps you simply want to preserve the ceiling height or beautiful, old stucco work in the ceiling. 

You can use e.g., the entrance hall as distribution room by dropping the ceiling and letting in supply air above the doors to the rooms that require new, fresh air. For this solution you can use NilAIR supply air boxes for valves above doors. The boxes are available with 2 or 3 spouts depending on the air volume required. 

Material - box 0,9 mm aluzinc steel plate
Material - connectors Pure PE-HD
Valve Ø125 mm

Pressure loss for extract air boxes for valves above doors.

Red curve: 2 connectors

Green curve: 3 connectors

We recommend max. 30 m3/h per connector.

Dimensional drawing - 2 connectors

Dimensional drawing - 3 connectors