Standard filter Greencycle ISO 16890 Coarse 75% (G4)

As standard, all Nilan ventilation units for dwellings come with 2 x Greencycle ISO 16890 Coarse 75% (G4) filters, one in the outdoor air intake and the other in the extract air. 

Nilan's Greencycle plate filters are produced from a recycled material consisting of 50% recycled plastic bottles and have an even higher filtering capacity due to smaller fibres.

The filters protect the different components of the unit from dust and dirt, and it is therefore important that filters are replaced regularly as required. The large size of the filter compartments in Nilan’s ventilation units makes it possible to hoover and wipe the filter room with a damp cloth. 

Dirty filters will block air flow, which means reduced ventilation and a poorer indoor climate. If the ventilation unit is equipped with a heat pump that also produces domestic hot water, the hot water production will be reduced and potentially result in insufficient hot water.