Heating cable - external connection

If you install the ventilation unit outside the climate screen, it is important to protect the condensate drain from frost. Of course, the drain should be thoroughly insulated, but even that may be insufficient. 

Nilan can supply an external heating cable that you run along the exterior of the condensate drain before insulating it. This way you will have a frost-free condensate drain that does not get blocked. The heating cable has an integral thermostat that regulates the level of heating in accordance with the temperature of the surroundings. 

The cable is available in two lengths: 3 m or 5 m. 

Supply voltage 230V, 50/60 Hz
Max. output 10W/m
Thickness 6,5 mm
Min. bend radius 25 mm
Max. operating temperature + 105 ºC
Produced and tested in accordance with EN60335

Total length (C) Length cold part (B) Length warm part (A)
3 m 1 m 2 m
5 m 1 m 4 m


You twist the cable around the drainpipe, which you then insulate in accordance with current standards. The cable is fitted with a plug for electrical connection.