SHW hot water tank

If you are a large family that requires a lot of hot water, or if you have an extra-large bathtub, the SHW additional hot water tank is a good solution. 

The SHW hot water tank holds 250 liters. You can connect it to Compact P GEO or Compact P AIR so that you achieve a total volume of 430 liters of hot water. The GEO or AIR heat pump is connected to the SHW tank and pre-heats the 250 liters in the tank to a temperature of 30 - 45 ºC. The water is carried from the SHW tank to the hot water tank in Compact P where the temperature is then increased up to 60 ºC.

The SHW hot water tank also has a supplementary coil to which you can connect up a solar collector of approx. 4 m2. This will allow an increase in temperature in the SHW tank to over 45 ºC.

In addition, the SHW hot water tank is equipped with a 1.5 kW electrical heating element that you can activate and utilise at times when the heat pump cannot meet the hot water requirement. 

Dimensions (W x D x H) 600 x 600 x 1950 mm
Weight 200 kg
Tank volume 250 liter
Plate type casing Aluzinc steel plate, powder coated white RAL 9016
Plate type tank Steel tank, double coated enamel
Insulation Min. 50 mm foam insulation
Sacrificial anode Electrically monitored
Supplementary electric heating 1,5 kW
Surface solar coil 0,6 m2


An overview of connections can be found in the installation instructions for Compact P GEO and Compact P AIR

Efficiency class B
Standing loss 56 W
Volume 250 liters