Anti-scald safety valve group - hot water tank

The anti-scald safety valve group has the same functions as the standard safety group, but in addition it has a scald protection valve.

The scald protection valve is used if you want to heat the domestic hot water to above 60 ºC. This may be in connection with an external solar collector, or if you want your unit to operate in cooling mode during most of the summer. The heat would then be transferred to the hot water tank where the temperature could rise up to 90 ºC. ou set the scald protection valve to carry hot water of e.g. max. 60 ºC to the taps in the dwelling.

You are legally required to install the safety function. It serves two purposes as the water starts expanding when heated: 

1. Via a safety valve, it ensures that the hot water tank does not explode when the water is being heated and the pressure inside the tank subsequently increases. The safety valve is dripping during the heating process.

2.A non-return valve ensures that the hot water cannot return into the system and mix with the cold water in the dwelling.

In addition, the safety group is equipped with a stopcock for the cold water. This is an advantage for instance if you need to replace the anode in the hot water tank.