Water trap

Install a Nilan water trap and void damages inside the ventilation unit caused by dampness and water from the condensate drain.

Condensate water is formed inside the ventilation unit during the heat recovery process. It runs into a condensate tray and then out of the unit through a drain. The pressure in the ventilation compartment is negative and it is therefore important to install a water trap to ensure that air is not drawn into the unit via the condensate drain. You install the water trap in the drain. 

Condensation does not occur during the warm summer months, and consequently the water trap may dry out. During autumn you should therefore top up the water trap with water, so it is still working when the cold weather sets in and condensation starts occurring again. 
If you forget to top up, the condensate water will not be able to escape through the drain. Instead, it will leak from the unit through the door and, potentially, cause serious water damage. 

If you install a Nilan water trap, it will not be necessary for you to top up the water trap in the autumn. The Nilan water trap contains a ball that prevents air from being drawn into the ventilation unit. As a result, the condensate water will be able to drain away freely.