DHW AIR is an energy-efficient and compact solution for all types of renovation projects and new builds. It is the obvious alternative to current energy sources such as oil or gas boilers. DHW AIR produces domestic hot water and heats the radiators and under floor heating of the dwelling by means of the extremely energy-efficient and low-noise air to water heat pump, AIR9. 

DHW AIR requires limited space and is a well-designed solution for utility rooms with no space for installation of a tank since a 180 l hot water tank and a 50 l buffer tank are already integral parts of the unit.

This leaves generous space for both installation and service of the unit. In connection with renovation of the utility room, we offer different foundation solutions to cover old pipes so you avoid having to lay new tiles or carry out a complete renovation.

Excellent heating of the dwelling

DHW AIR is a unit that will supply your dwelling with both heating and domestic hot water. By connecting the indoor unit to the dwelling’s existing central heating system, the rooms and the domestic hot water are heated via the air to water heat pump. DHW AIR is the obvious choice of energy source for older properties with no ventilation system. 

The AIR9 heat pump is an energy-efficient pump with energy label A++ at 55°. This is significant since a good energy label entitles you to a larger grant specifically for an energy-efficient heat pump.

Space-saving solution

All the technical parts of the indoor installation are located inside the unit, and no additional installations are required that may change the visual expression of the unit. In other words, what is shown on the pictures is what will be installed in the utility room of the dwelling. The indoor unit is combined with the energy-efficient and low-noise AIR9 outdoor unit.

The fact that the unit is compact and requires limited space is crucial when installing the unit and connecting it up to the existing solutions in the dwelling. Compared with other products, DHW AIR can be mounted in a single day, and by using an integral foundation solution, the unit can cover and hide existing pipes. This way you avoid laying new tiles or carrying out a complete renovation of the utility room in connection with the installation.

Silent Mode

Although DHW AIR is one of the most quiet heat pumps on the market, in built-up areas of high density it can be difficult to identify the most optimal location for the outdoor unit. During certain time periods it may therefore be necessary to limit the capacity of the heat pump. DHW AIR therefore has settings for both night and summer limits.

Night limit
During the night there are stricter rules regarding noise close to neighbouring properties. Via the control panel for the unit you can activate and configure a limit for night time. Setting a night limit means that you set a time for start and finish, and you also set the maximum capacity of the heat pump during this period.

Summer limit
During the summer when the outdoor temperature increases, occupants of neighbouring properties are more likely to spend time outdoors or sleep with their windows open. You have to consider this and you can therefore also configure a summer limit via the control panel. You set a limit for the outdoor temperature as well as the maximum capacity of the heat pump above and below this temperature.

Week program

Heat consumption can vary considerably in the course of a week. As a result, DHW AIR has three configurable week programs. Each week program can be programmed to change six times for each day of the week. For every change, you set the time of the change as well as the temperature you want the domestic hot water and the central heating to be. The week program is set on the basis of shifts in the set point, and the program can therefore be active together with weather compensation of the central heating. It is also possible to block all heating of domestic water or central heating entirely during certain periods.    

Cost optimization
The week program also makes it possible to cost optimize the heating of domestic water and central heating over a period of 24 hours based on the prices of electricity. For instance, you can set the week program so the set points are automatically reduced during the hours from 17:00 to 21:00 when electricity is typically most expensive.


Energy efficiency class for hot water production A+
Consumer profile, water heater L (Large)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 900 x 599 x 1562 mm
Weight 185 kg
Plate type casing Aluzinc steel plate, white powder coating RAL9016
Hot water tank 180 l
Supplemental electric heating hot water 1,5 kW
Buffer tank (integrated) 50 l
Supplementary electrical heating 2 + 3 kW
Ambient temperature -20 / +40 °C

AIR9 (Heat pump)

Energy efficiency class for central heating A++
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency 146,6%
Dimensions (W x D x H) 938 x 673 x 1318 mm
Weight 165 kg
Variable compressor Yes (30 - 100%)
Supply voltage (inside part) 400/230V 3L+N+PE, 16A, 50 Hz
PMAX (inside part) 6,5 kW
Fuse size (inside part) 16A
Standby electricity consumption 10 W
Opening pressure safety valve (central heating) 2,5 bar
Expansion vessel (central heating) 10 Liter
Booster expansion vessels 0,5 bar
Max. air volume 3.400 m3/h
Tightness class, Fan IP25
Supply voltage (outside part) 230V 1 N+PE, 50Hz
PMAX (outside part) 3300 W
Fuse size (outside part) 16 A
Rated output, (max/min) A-Pump 31/99 W
Rated output, (max/min) A-Pump 0,13/0,43 A
Condenser pressure loss (central heating) 2,5 kPa/0,29 l/s
Central heating connection 3/4”
Refrigerant R410A
Refrigerant filling 2,85 kg
Pressostat low pressure (on/off) 2,2/3,4 bar
Pressostat high pressure (on/off) 42/33 bar
Operating temperatures -22 °C → 50 °C
Central heating, flow temperature 25°C → 55°C
Connection dimension 1”
Heat output PH with variable compressor at 7°C/35°C, acc. EN 14511:2012 (max. omdr 5400 RPM) 8,4 kW
Heat output PH with variable compressor at 2°C/35°C, acc. EN 14511:2012 (max omdr. 5400 RPM) 6,7 kW
Heat output PH with variable compressor at -7°C/35°C, acc. EN 14511:2012 (max. omdr 5400 RPM) 5,7 kW
Heat output PH with variable compressor at -15°C/35°C, acc. EN 14511:2012 (max. omdr 5400 RPM) 4,5 kW
Heat output PH with variable compressor at 7°C/45°C, acc. EN 14511:2012 (max. omdr 5400 RPM) 7,8 kW
Heat output PH with variable compressor at -7°C/45°C, acc. EN 14511:2012 (max. omdr 5400 RPM) 5,4 kW
SCOP tested according to EN 14825:2018* 3,74
Pdesign (tout -10°C) 4,7 kW

 *SCOP (Seasonal COP) is for ”average temperature use, average climate, defined  flow, reversible”

DHW AIR (inside part)

AIR9 (outside part)

The CTS602 control system is an advanced control system with many settings options. The control system is supplied with factory default settings that can be adapted to the operational requirements in order to achieve best possible operation and utilisation of the unit.

The HMI Touch panel provides an overview of the current operation of the unit. The structure of its menu makes it easy to navigate for both user and installer.

External Communication
The CTS602 control system has an open Modbus RS485 protocol that can be used for communication via external CTS systems.

Functions overview   +Standard
Domestic hot water DHW AIR produces domestic hot water via the air to water heat pump. +
Domestic hot water on standby You can put the production of domestic hot water on standby, for instance if you are away from home for a period of time. This saves energy. +
Frost protection hot water In order to protect the hot water tank, it has been equipped with a frost protection function.  Frost protection only relates to the cooling circuit of the outdoor unit. +
Supplemental electric heating hot water If, at times, the requirement for hot water exceeds the capacity of the heat pump, you can use supplemental electric heating to help heat the domestic hot water.  
Anti-Legionella The control system can be used to automatically activate an Anti-Legionella treatment of the domestic hot water. It can be de-activated/activated and be controlled with regards to temperatures and intervals. +
Anode Electronically monitored anode. Indicates when replacement is required, which helps extend the life of the hot water tank. +
Central heating DHW AIR heats the water in the central heating system via the air to water heat pump.  
Central heating on standby You can put the production of central heating on standby, for instance if you are away from home for a period of time. This saves energy. +
Supplemental electric heating central heating If, at times, the requirement for central heating exceeds the capacity of the heat pump, you can add supplemental electric heating to help the central heating circuit.  +
Weather compensation The flow temperature can be regulated in accordance with the outdoor temperature. +
Week program In the week program you can stagger the desired temperatures for domestic hot water and central heating so the heat pump predominantly operates when electricity is cheap.   +
Silent Mode You can limit the capacity of DHW AIR based on the current outdoor temperature and the time of the day.   
Smart Grid DHW AIR supports Smart Grid via two digital inputs. +
Data logging Logs events in the control system, error messages and warnings. +
Show data All current values in relation to the operation of the unit can be output. Most commonly used for troubleshooting. +

You can find further information about all the functions in the Software and Installation instructions for the unit.

DHW AIR (inside part)

ATTENTION! When positioning the unit, you should always consider future services and maintenance. It is recommended that you leave a minimum of 60 cm of clear space in front of the unit.


AIR9 (outside part)

ATTENTION! Place the AIR unit on a stable base, ideally a cast foundation.

An outdoor unit must always be positioned on a firm, horizontal and vibration free surface. Consider securing it to a fixed base. You should also take into account the prevailing wind direction during the cold months when heating is required, as the performance of the heat pump will be reduced if the outdoor unit is exposed to strong winds.

Smart Grid

DHW AIR has been certified in accordance with the German Smart Grid, which allows the electricity provider to override the operation so it becomes as cost effective as possible for the user. 

The Smart Grid solution can also be used in connection with solar cells if you want to optimise operation at times when most energy is being produced.