The NilAIR air distribution system is installed together with a ventilation unit. It consists of tubes that run from manifold boxes to extract air and supply air boxes in the individual rooms of the dwelling. 

NilAIR can be installed in either the ceiling, wall or floor. The light-weight tubes are suitable for even the most complex duct layouts where conventional spiral ducts prove inadequate. 
Make the impossible possible
Traditional air distribution systems require considerable space, and they often make unique constructions an impossibility. NilAIR more or less eliminates this problem due to the size and flexibility of the tubes. 

  • Flexible and space-saving solution
  • Quick and simple mounting with click system
  • Form stable and corrosion resistant quality material 
  • Simple control of air volume supplied
  • Low weight
  • High level of tightness
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to handle and transport
  • Prevents sound transmission between rooms

Installation examples: