Nilan App

Control the ventilation system and heat pump in your home directly from your mobile phone

Nilan has developed a new app with smart functions that allow the user to control the ventilation system and heat pump in their home directly from a mobile phone. 

The app is intuitive, and easy and safe to use. It enables the user to set e.g. room temperature. You can connect multiple ventilation units to the same app so you can control the indoor climate in, for instance, your home as well as your holiday home.

You can attach multiple users to the same app.


Easy to set up, easy to use

When the ventilation system is connected up to the internet via a Nilan gateway, you will be able to control the unit remotely by using Nilan User App. It can be downloaded for free to your mobile phone. The app is available from both APP Store and Google Play. Using a LAN connector, you connect up the gateway to the Modbus of the unit and then to the user’s internet router via a LAN or a WiFi connection. This creates a secure cloud connection between the unit and the smartphone.

Quick and useful overview

With the app, you can follow the operation of the unit and adjust user settings on the ventilation unit for e.g. room temperature, fan speed level and the humidity control system.  Importantly, the app also shows when filters next need replacing, and it notifies you if an alarm is triggered, for instance when a filter is due to be replaced.

It also provides you with useful trend curves so you can follow the operation of the unit for the previous week with regards to, for instance, room temperature and humidity level.

All existing units with a CTS602 control system can be controlled via the Nilan User app. It requires the ventilation unit to be connected to the internet via a Nilan gateway (the gateway is available for LAN or WiFi connection). A few units will require a software update in order for the users to get full benefit from the app. The brand new CTS400 control system enables you to use the app. Most units for private and commercial use therefore enable you to use the app. 

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