This house was awarded the best Passive House in the Czech Republic in 2016

Nilan VPL15 Top M2

The task was to build a Passive House on a narrow plot with access from the south.

The idea of the veranda was to create a covered outdoor space that leads to the front door and simultaneously also serves as a decking.

It is a simple dwelling, essentially consisting of a white cube, but on the ground floor, a beautiful wooden extension has been added.

Both visually and functionally, the kitchen-diner and the living-room form a natural whole.

The interior stays true to the principle that “less is more”, for instance through the use of materials such as white oak and white and grey anthracite.

Nilan’s VPL15 Top M2 unit was chosen because heat recovery in the ventilation system occurs via a heat pump.

The heat pump in VPL15 M2 provides 55% of the heat for the dwelling.

In order to cover the rest of the heat requirement, electrical, radiant heat panels have been fitted in the ceiling and on the walls. They cover 25%. The remaining 20% are provided by a stove.

The reversible heat pump in the VPL15 Top M2 unit has the added advantage that it can cool the supply air in the summer. 

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Client..........: Dům pod smrkem 
Location..........: Černošice, Czech Republic