AU Health

Comprehensive renovation and expansion of research and educational facilities

Nilan VPM Cleanroom

Health is one of five faculties at Aarhus University. Health conducts groundbreaking health research within a wide range of areas - spanning from basic research to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.


The Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University has undergone extensive renovation and expansion of its research and educational facilities. Two new parallel buildings, designed to accommodate future state-of-the-art biomedical research, have been erected in the University Park in Aarhus. These two distinctive longitudinal buildings have been connected by a large atrium in the middle, constituting the new Skou Building.

Simultaneously, the existing Bartholin Building has received a significantly altered facade with a glass section facing the park.

Aarhus University, Health, with over 30 years of experience in formalized researcher education, operates one of Denmark's largest PhD schools with approximately 600 students.

The Health faculty at Aarhus University aims to improve public health through research, talent development, and education at a high international level, as well as promoting dissemination and knowledge exchange within the healthcare field.

For this project, Nilan's VPM Cleanroom units were selected. Prior to this, extensive development work was carried out in collaboration with the Technological Institute to create the Cleanroom unit of the future.

VPM Cleanroom units are highly compact, have better heat recovery, and lower energy consumption than similar units on the market. They also meet Cleanroom requirements according to EN14644.

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Client : Bygningsstyrelsen
Architect : Cubo Architects A/S
HVAC Contractor : Brøndum A/S
Location: Aarhus - Denmark