Bostedet Hadsund

Supported accommodation for adults with mental illnesses - 40 new dwellings in a pleasant setting

Nilan Comfort CT150

The residential home Hadsund is replacing the former home, Visborggaard, which was situated in an old manor house of the same name.  The physical surroundings of Visborggaard are beautiful, but for a residential home it had certain limitations. It was therefore decided that new, modern dwellings were to be built for the residents.  

In the new residential home, Hadsund, all the residents have their own apartment with a kitchen, a bathroom and an outdoor area. In addition there are communal areas, activity rooms and shared outdoor spaces that the residents can use for various recreational purposes. 

The 40 new dwellings give the residents the best possible opportunity to lead as independent lives as possible. At the same time, it is an environment in which the employees are able to offer help and support when needed. 

Nilan’s Comfort CT150 was chosen because it is a small, compact ventilation unit with low energy consumption. 

In addition to requiring limited space, Comfort CT150 is a flexible unit that can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at an angle.  If mounted vertically, it will fit into a standard cabinet of 60 x 60 cm. 

Comfort CT150 has been given the highest energy efficiency rating A+. In addition to this, it is Passive House certified.

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Client..........: Region Nordjylland
Entrepreneur......: Airteam
Location..........: Hadsund - Denmark