Drabæk Huse

Set in natural surroundings, Drabæk Huse offers a safe environment for family life. It is a pleasant neighbourhood where residents enjoy both privacy and community.

Nilan Compact P AIR 9

Drabæk Huse consists of Eco-labelled, terraced houses on one or two levels. All the houses have a private garden where the residents can enjoy the summer evenings.

Inspiration for the housing development has been found in the green surroundings, and the dwellings are therefore built from environmentally friendly materials. The neighbourhood also offers green, communal spaces with flowering, wild grasses and a natural playground for young children.

In addition, there is a covered area that people can use for different events and celebrations. These are homes in family-friendly and sustainable surroundings.

There are four types of dwellings between 109 and 150 m2.

In Drabæk Huse, sustainability and nature go hand in hand. The terraced houses are Eco-labelled, which means that they have low energy consumption and provide a healthy indoor climate for the entire family.

The roofs have been fitted with solar cells in order to utilise energy from the sun. This creates a sense of connection with and respect for the natural beauty of the area.

Nilan’s Compact P AIR 9 unit was chosen because the aim was to build dwellings with very low energy consumption.

The entire building project has been carried out in line with the Nordic “Svanemærke” (Ecolabel). Building materials, incl. Compact P, have therefore had to meet particular requirements.

The AIR 9 air to water heat pump has a SCOP of 5.11, which makes it very cheap to heat the dwellings.

Compact P uses the extract air to heat the domestic hot water, and by means of the integral heat pump the unit can both heat and cool the supply air.

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Client..........: Bonava
Entrepreneur.........: NCC Skakt

Location..........: Allerød - Denmark