Fælledhusene I

“Fælledhusene” (The Houses on the Common) are situated on the Island of Amager near Copenhagen. The houses sit between the wild, grassy landscape of Kalvebod Common and the Royal Arena

Nilan Comfort CT150

The northern area of the Common forms part of the new town development in Ørestad South. The cosy terraced houses are situated with nature right outside the door. At the same time, it is the perfect neighbourhood for families of all sizes who want to stay in the city - a mere six metro stations from the centre of Copenhagen. 

Inspiration for the entire neighbourhood has been found in the wild, natural landscape. The house fronts, for instance, are made from environmentally friendly materials.   

In the heart of the local community, the residents have access to shared, green spaces with wild, flowering grasses and tall, charming trees. There is also a communal hall, which the residents can use as venue for parties and celebrations.  

“Fælledhusene” is a development that comprises 56 spacious and bright terraced houses, built in 10 clusters.   

All the dwellings have a lovely south-facing or west-facing garden. The houses are well-designed and have been built in three different sizes that are either three storey terraced houses, or four storey terraced houses with or without a roof terrace. They all have nature right on the doorstep. 

Nilan’s Comfort CT150 unit was chosen because it is a small, compact ventilation unit with low energy consumption. 

In addition to requiring limited space, Comfort CT150 is a flexible unit that can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at an angle. If mounted vertically, it will fit into a standard cabinet of 60 x 60 cm. 

Comfort CT150 has been given the highest energy efficiency rating A+. In addition to this, it is Passive House certified.

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Client..........: Bonava
Entrepreneur.....: OX3

Location..........: Copenhagen - Denmark