The housing development is situated in an area with other terraced houses close to Lynge town centre but also to green spaces. The 69 terraced houses in the development encircle a shared, recreational area with a communal house

Nilan Compact P AIR9

The houses have been built as sustainable, low-energy dwellings in line with the best energy efficiency standards (low energy class 2020). After the houses were completed, the indoor climate was tested and the houses received the Danish Indoor Climate Label (Indeklimamærket). 

The materials for the exterior have been chosen to fit the green setting and the other terraced houses in the neighbourhood. 

The house fronts and ends consist of white surfaces combined with black-red tiles. Windows and doors are made from grey aluminium. The roofs are slightly sloped and are covered with roofing felt. The shared sheds and communal house have green, living roofs. 

Each dwelling is heated by its own individual heat pump, which is situated in a closet in the hall. Throughout the dwelling there is underfloor heating with thermostat control. In addition, there is a ventilation unit with heat recovery. 

The dwellings cover between 47 and 114 m2, including shared areas to the front and side of the buildings. 

Nilan’s Compact P AIR 9 unit was chosen because the aim was to build dwellings with very low energy consumption. 

The entire building project has been carried out in line with the Nordic “Svanemærke” (Ecolabel). Building materials incl. Compact P have therefore had to meet particular requirements. 

The AIR 9 air to water heat pump has a SCOP of 5.11, which makes it very cheap to heat the dwellings. 

Compact P uses the extract air to heat the domestic hot water, and by means of the integral heat pump the unit can both heat and cool the supply air.

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Client..........: Allerød almennytige Boligselskab
Entrepreneur.........: NCC Skakt
Location..........: Allerød - Denmark