The company Klimahuse (Climate Houses) creates buildings that meet the growing demands to insulation, indoor climate and environmentally friendly energy consumption

Nilan Compact P

A house by Klimahuse enables you to go all the way and become 100% self-sufficient with regards to energy consumption via geothermal energy or solar power.

You can also build an energy efficient house that makes you partially self-sufficient - this too will reduce the energy bill considerably.

As a company, Klimahuse specialises in drawing and building CO2 neutral and self-sufficient low-energy dwellings. The dwellings are based on the latest climate technology, the latest techniques and the considerable experience of the company. 

By installing heat exchangers, the indoor climate becomes healthy and comfortable  all year round. 

Nilan’s Compact P was chosen because the aim was to create low-energy buildings. 

Compact P ventilates the dwelling with a high degree of heat recovery, and it has an integral heat pump that utilises the remaining energy in the extract air to heat the domestic hot water. 

Compact P can also heat the supply air and thereby help heat the dwelling.  

Compact P has a reversible cooling circuit and in the summer it can cool the supply air. When it cools the supply air, the heat is transferred to the domestic hot water so that no energy is wasted. 

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Client..........: KLIMA huse
Location..........: Horsens - Denmark