83 visionary, sustainable dwellings are to be built for flexible, social housing in and around the old town hall in Smørum, Denmark

Nilan Compact S

All the dwellings in Smørum Town Hall must meet the “Building Class 2020” requirements (Danish low-energy class). This means that the power consumption of the dwellings will be very low.

The idea is also that the housing development is to contribute positively to the local community in Smørum. It is to produce energy, clean the ground water, purify the air and create biodiversity through green building fronts and living roofs.

There is a growing demand for social housing for single-parent families and for old people who require small, affordable dwellings but who also want nice and environmentally friendly surroundings.

The aim is to create dwellings that are healthy and inspiring, and it must be cheap to build and to live in them. They must also be highly functional.  The dwellings are therefore to constitute dynamic, flexible and diverse social housing that is both colourful and exciting.

The 86 apartments will be built as flexible modules in five different sizes, from 38 to 110 m2.

Nilan’s Compact S unit was chosen because the energy from the extract air can be utilised to produce domestic hot water. 

The compact size of 60 x 60 cm. means that limited space is required for the installation. 

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Client..........: Boligselskabet Rosenvænget
Location..........: Smørum - Denmark