Rungsted Kyst

Large detached house built in contemporary style

Nilan Compact P XL og Comfort 300 LR

Lind & Risør is a full-service architecture and construction company that has been building visionary houses since 1980.

Many people probably dream of building their own house. Imagine a house without compromises, half solutions and no maintenance for many years.

People differ and so do their dream houses. The main task for the experienced architects at Lind & Risør is therefore first and foremost to understand the dreams and requirements of their clients.  The best results are achieved when the building supervisor, the architect and the client work closely together.

All their houses are built by their own professional and highly experienced team of builders. That way they are guaranteed houses that are all built to the same high standards.

Nilan’s Compact P XL was chosen due to its low energy consumption and because it can produce hot water cheaply.

A JVP 115 heat pump heats the dwelling and helps produce domestic hot water via an SHW tank.

It is a large house and it is therefore necessary to supplement ventilation with a Comfort 300 LR ventilation unit. This is also required in order to meet the fire safety regulations for such a large building.

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Client..........: Lind & Risør
Location..........: Rungsted - Denmark