25 KODA houses designed so they can be moved, reused and recycled forever

Nilan Combi Polar Top

The KODA houses can be used almost like building blocks to create e.g. dwellings, hotels, shops and offices.

You can move and transport the fully assembled house with just one lorry and a crane. This means that you can bring your KODA house wherever your career or life takes you. 

There is no need for a foundation or finishing treatment. You can move straight in. 

The house feels twice as big when you are inside, and it contains everything you need for smart living or work. 

Nilan’s Combi Polar Top unit was chosen because the aim was to build houses with very low energy consumption. 

For this solution the choice fell on Nilan’s Combi 302 Polar Top with integral humidity and CO2 sensors. 

Combi 302 Polar Top is a ventilation unit with an integral air to air heat pump that can heat the house during winter and cool it during summer. 

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Client..........: KODA by Kodasema
Location......: Harkujärve - Estonia