Six new dwellings in southwestern Finland in a beautiful, natural setting near Turku

Nilan Compact P + EK

In a beauty spot close to a town with schools, kinder gardens and shopping facilities, six dwellings in two different sizes have been erected: 101 m2 on one level, and 138 m2 on two levels. 

The dwellings are of a modern design with large windows that create bright and friendly rooms. In front of each house there is a large decking. 

All the dwellings have a sauna in connection with the bathroom. 

Nilan’s Compact P unit was chosen because it meant that the energy from the extract air could be utilised to produce domestic hot water. 

Compact P can also heat the supply air and thereby help heat the dwelling.  

Compact P has a reversible cooling circuit and in the summer it can cool the supply air. When it is cooling the supply air, the heat is transferred to the domestic hot water so no energy is wasted.

Compact P EK is equipped with an electric boiler for hydronic underfloor heating. 

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Client..........: Lounaiskodit Oy
Location..........: Turku - Finland