Rihvelikuja - Kukolasta

6 contemporary, terraced houses in a woodland setting and close to the amenities of the town

Nilan Compact P AIR9

The terraced houses have deckings both to the front and to the back of the buildings. This enables the residents e.g. to sunbathe in privacy away from prying eyes.

Already during the planning process, quality and style were central to the builder’s choice of materials. The large window walls invite nature indoors and allow the dwelling to be flooded in light. Each house has a perfect, spacious layout.

The kitchen is central to the property and features a fantastic kitchen island that is situated to create the best possible view.

All the dwellings have a sauna in connection with the bathroom.

Nilan’s Compact P AIR 9 unit was chosen because the aim was to build dwellings with very low energy consumption.

The AIR 9 air to water heat pump has a SCOP of 5.11, which makes it very cheap to heat the dwelling.

Compact P uses the extract air to heat the domestic hot water, and by means of the integral heat pump the unit can both heat and cool the supply air.

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Architect............: Arosuo
Location..........: Turku - Finland