Vuoreksen Mäyränpesä

20 energy efficient co-operative dwellings of 56.5 - 119 m2

Nilan VPL15 Top M2

In the southwest of Finland near Tampere, 20 high-quality houses have been erected. They sit in a peaceful environment in the town of Mäyränpesä. 

The dwellings have large windows which are all southwest-facing. This brings in maximum light, and the sun also helps heat the dwelling in the winter. 

On the front of each house there is a large balcony with plenty of space for outdoor living during the summer. At the same time, the balcony constitutes the roof of a garage and of a large storage room. 

The choice of materials has resulted in beautiful, modern houses. Indoor, the practical layout suits both small and large families.  

Nilan’s VPL15 Top M2 was chosen because it can help heat and cool the dwelling. 

VPL15 Top M2 is a ventilation unit with active heat recovery via a high-efficiency heat pump.

This will enable the residents to heat the supply air during winter and cool it during summer. As a result, the indoor climate will remain both comfortable and healthy.

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Client..........: Visura Oy
Architect............: Ekman Arkitekter
Location..........: Mäyränmäki - Finland