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The first house with the BEPOS Effinergie 2017 label

Nilan Compact P

On the 23rd May 2017, Ecolocost received the first BEPOS Effinergie 2017 certification.

Ecolocost had already received D + C, which is the basis for BEPOS Effinergie 2017, but it decided to go a step further with regards to energy efficiency and CO2 reduction of the buildings. This also improved the comfort and quality of life for the residents.
Ecolocost aims to be able to offer four different types of high-quality dwellings in the form of prefabricated, timber houses. They must have the highest level of energy efficiency and they are to be produced at competitive prices for both private home owners and for people looking to lease the dwellings as social housing. 

Having gained new experience, Ecolocost has cut costs by eliminating unnecessary expenditures while still achieving a high degree of energy efficiency.

Nilan’s Compact P unit was chosen because the energy from the extract air could be utilised to produce domestic hot water. 

Compact P can also heat the supply air and thereby help heat the dwelling.

Compact P has a reversible cooling circuit and in the summer it can cool the supply air. When it cools the supply air, the heat is transferred to the domestic hot water so that no energy is wasted.

Compact P is installed in the kitchen, similarly to a refrigerator. 

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Client..........: Ecolocost
Location..........: Ermont - France