Helfrichsgärtel III

The Energy-Housing-Development “Helfrichsgärtel” comprises an entire neighbourhood. It consists of 67 energy-efficient dwellings in the town of Biblis in Southern Hessen, Germany

Nilan Compact P AIR 9

In a 9 acres plot there are plans to build 67 dwellings of 8 different types.

The dwellings are to be build as innovative Energy-Plus houses with solar cells on every roof. The energy they produce is to be used for e.g. air to water heat pumps that will heat the dwellings.

The dwellings are all connected and the energy can therefore be sent to whichever household requires energy at any given time. That way, the entire neighbourhood will be energy self-sufficient and CO2 neutral. In other words, it will be a zero energy community. 

Sustainability and comfort go hand in hand. All the dwellings will be equipped with high-speed internet and a BUS-system for data transmission. This will enable the residents to control lights, heating and shutters through an app on their smartphones. 

Nilan’s Compact P AIR 9 unit was chosen because the aim was to build dwellings with very low energy consumption. 

The AIR 9 air to water heat pump has a SCOP of 5.11, which means that it is very cheap to heat the dwellings. 

Compact P uses the extract air to heat the domestic hot water, and by means of the integral heat pump the unit can both heat and cool the supply air.

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Client..........: MKM BauProjekte GmbH
Location..........: Biblis - Germany