Sensitivity characterises the architecture of this uncertified Passive House on the southwestern coast of Ireland

Nilan Compact P GEO

The house is primarily heated by the air from Compact P. The energy in the extract air from the kitchen, bathrooms and the utility room is utilised to heat (or cool) the air and to produce domestic hot water.

The heated outdoor air is distributed through NilAir ducts in the floor, while the extract air duct system is placed in the ceiling.

Compact P is equipped with a GEO3 geothermal heat pump that draws heat from the ground via earth tubes. During winter, the GEO3 geothermal heat pump supplements the heating from the ventilation.

GEO3 sends heating to two zones through underfloor heating pipes:  The bedroom, which is controlled by a thermostat, and the main living areas.  Both zones are controlled by outdoor temperature compensation.

Nilan’s Compact P was chosen because it has an air source heat pump that can heat the supply air and utilise the energy in the extract air to produce domestic hot water.

Compact P has a reversible cooling circuit and in the summer it can cool the supply air. When it cools the supply air, the heat is transferred to the domestic hot water so that no energy is wasted.

The GEO3 geothermal heat pump is an energy efficient way to heat the house during winter. 

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Client..........: Ita Molloy
Entrepreneur......: Donn Ponnighaus
Location..........: Castletownbere - Ireland