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An existing house was demolished in order to make space for a low-energy dwelling

Nilan Compact P AIR 9

Originally, the plan was to renovate the old building.  Over the years, it had been extended a couple of times, but the rooms felt dark and the layout was poor.

Having explored the renovation options, it became apparent that it would be more economical to demolish the old house and build a new one.

The idea was to build an energy-efficient, bright and contemporary dwelling.

The plot offered some interesting challenges with regards to both design and actual construction. The site was long and narrow, stretching southwest and northeast. It was also unfavourably situated in relation to the sun. 

The lack of sunlight in the original building was analysed carefully, as was the impact that the new house would have on neighbouring properties. On the basis of this, the new house was designed to provide maximum daylight and sunlight.

Nilan’s Compact P AIR 9 unit was chosen because the aim was to build a dwelling with very low energy consumption.

The AIR 9 air to water heat pump has a SCOP of 5.11, which means that it is very cheap to heat the dwelling.

Compact P uses the extract air to heat the domestic hot water, and by means of the integral heat pump the unit can both heat and cool the supply air.

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Architect............: Wain Morehead Architects
Location..........: Cork City - Ireland